Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Godless Endeavor

Todays artist of the day is a band from my neck of the woods Nevermore, started when the band Sanctuary was being pressed by its record label to change from a heavy metal style into a more popular grunge style. Vocalist Warrel Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard didn't want to sell out to obtain commercial sucess. So what did they do? Gave a nice one finger salute to the suits and started their own project, Nevermore. Soon after Jeff Loomis who was touring as Sanctuary's lead guitarist joined on and he has been with them ever since. The band incorporates elements from styles such as Thrash Power Progressive, and neo-classical Metal into their songs, and also makes use of Acoustic guitars and a wide range of vocal styles. Their best album in my opinion is their sixth studio album "This Godless Endeavor". From the high energy beginning to the 9 minute title track this album takes you on a journey through reality. All the songs on the album deal with real life issues such as The consequences of advanced technology, and religion among other things. I highly recommend this album to metal fans and non-metal fans alike. Did I mention they put on a kick ass show? Because they do, my ears were ringing for days after.

Heres the Track listing:

2.Final Product04:22
3.My Acid Words05:42
4.Bittersweet Feast05:01
5.Sentient 606:58
6.Medicated Nation04:02
7.The Holocaust of Thought01:27
8.Sell My Heart for Stones05:18
9.The Psalm of Lydia04:17
10.A Future Uncertain06:08
11.This Godless Endeavor08:56
Total playing time57:16


  1. Very nice. I will check it out!

  2. Cool. I'll definitely look them up on itunes.

  3. they sound badass. Im liking the fact that they stayed true to their style as well, definitely gonna check em out, thanks for the heads up

  4. this looks awesome def checking them out

  5. seriously Hardcore

  6. This is great! Thanks for the list!

  7. Sounds good, going to check them out. Keep the bands coming, giving me some new stuff to listen to.

  8. A Future Uncertain is my favourite of this album.

  9. A very good heavy metal blog!! thanks dude keep it up

  10. I'll check them out. Maybe I'll find them on spotify or youtube :P